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Model of SG-SAT developed by University of Kentucky


The University of Kentucky's SG-SAT (Stellar Gyroscope Satellite) captures images of star fields to orient a small satellite and test new software that predicts the satellite’s path as it experiences atmospheric drag.  This cubesat was developed from the work of students in the University of Kentucky College of Engineering Space Systems Lab under a Cooperative Agreement between NASA KY, NASA EPSCoR and the NASA International Space Station Research Program.  This will be the third cubesat developed for launch by UK Engineering SSL.

Launch Date to ISS: March 2017 on OA-7 / ULA Atlas V
Launch to Orbit from ISS: TBD

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SG-SAT is based on the KySat-2 cubesat previously developed by the University of Kentucky, Morehead State University, and Kentucky Space:

Student Built Satellite Sends Data Back From Space